Misyar marriage in Riyadh

Misyar marriage is a type of marriage in which a formal marriage contract is agreed upon between a man and a woman, but without a wedding ceremony or traditional celebrations, and is often facilitated by a mediator or matchmaker. Misyar marriage is characterized by its speed and convenience, and may be a suitable option for individuals seeking to get married quickly and with lower costs, and this type of marriage is prevalent in some Arab societies.


In Riyadh, there are various methods for finding a misyar marriage partner, including contacting intermediaries, advertising in newspapers and websites dedicated to misyar marriage, and using mobile applications that offer misyar marriage services.

It is important to note that misyar marriage is approved by Islamic law, and conditions and regulations are set for this type of marriage. These conditions are based on the Islamic legal rules that govern marital relationships, and they include the requirement that the man and woman are not prohibited from marrying each other, and that they agree on the conditions of marriage, the dowry, and the rights and obligations that arise from the marriage.

Misyar marriage in Riyadh and some Saudi cities has faced criticism and controversy, with some seeing it as a form of bypassing the traditional marriage customs and posing a threat to families and society. However, others view it as a legitimate option for individuals who wish to get married quickly and avoid the problems and difficulties that may arise in traditional marriage.

In general, misyar marriage can be considered a legitimate option for individuals who wish to get married, and may be suitable for some who seek quick and low-cost marriage, but it is important to adhere to the legal and social conditions and regulations related to misyar marriage, and avoid any violations or infringements of the laws and social norms.

Finally, individuals who are considering misyar marriage in Riyadh or any other city should seek the necessary information and consult with experts and specialists in this field, make the right and appropriate decision for their personal, social, and religious circumstances, and adhere to the legal and social rules and conditions for misyar marriage.


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