The types of misyar marriage

The term "misyar marriage" refers to a type of marriage in which the marriage process takes place without an official contract or witnesses, usually in complete secrecy. This type of marriage may occur due to a need to get married and the inability to do so through traditional means, or due to a desire for privacy or social or religious barriers. This type of marriage differs from traditional marriage, in which an official and legal contract is signed and announced publicly with witnesses.


Misyar marriage is available in different forms in various cultures and societies, and its application and conditions vary from one country to another. In some cases, misyar marriage can be performed with the consent of the parties involved and without the need for official witnesses or contracts, while certain conditions may apply to this type of marriage in other cultures.

The most common types of misyar marriage are:

Official misyar marriage: A marriage contract is signed between the parties involved without witnesses or public announcement, and it is announced officially when necessary.

Unofficial misyar marriage: A marriage occurs between the parties involved without an official contract or witnesses, and it is not announced officially.

Customary misyar marriage: A marriage occurs between the parties involved without an official contract or witnesses, and it relies on the agreement between the parties and their acknowledgment of the marriage.

Temporary misyar marriage: A marriage occurs between the parties involved for a specific period of time, and the marriage ends automatically when the specified period ends. This type of marriage is used in some Islamic cultures.

It is worth mentioning that misyar marriage is not fully endorsed in all societies, and sometimes, participants in this type of marriage may face discrimination and social consequences. Individuals should be aware of the conditions and laws followed in their country, respect local culture and traditions, and ensure that they do not face any negative legal or social consequences in the future. Individuals should carefully consider their decision to engage in misyar marriage, ensure that they truly agree with their partner and respect them and the institution of marriage in general, and not use this type of marriage as a means to avoid marital responsibilities and obligations.

In conclusion, individuals should focus on finding the right partner who shares their values and principles, communicate openly and honestly with their partner to avoid and resolve problems quickly, dedicate themselves to the relationship and pay attention to the small details, maintain mutual trust and respect, and provide support and encouragement to their partner at all times, regardless of the type of marriage they choose.


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